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Welcome to Winchester Youth Lacrosse!

Goalie and Face-Off Clinic!

WYL is thrilled to announce our new goalie and face-off clinics. 

These clinics will be FREE, open to current 3rd-8th graders, and will run on Sunday mornings at Manchester Field (starting on 9/30) from 10-11AM.

Specific clinic dates are:  9/30; 10/14; 10/28 and 11/4 (with potential for more based on attendence).

Additional clinic details are below:

Goalie Clinic

  • This clinic will be led by Marcus DeMieri.  Coach DeMieri is one of the best goalie coaches in Massachusetts.  He has trained 2 of the top goalies in Massachusetts right now, and countless other excellent goalies in the past.  Coach DeMieri is a goalie coach with Laxachusetts and our current 8th grade boys.  
  • If your son is a current (full or part time) goalie he SHOULD ATTEND!
  • If your son is considering, or you think has potential at the position, he SHOULD ATTEND!
  • If you have said "NO" to your son when he asks if he can play goalie, he SHOULD ATTEND!
  • WHS's own Matt Suffredini will be helping out.  Matt is one of the top ranked high school goalies in the state and country (thanks in part to coaching from Coach DeMieri).  

Face-Off Clinic

  • This clinic will be led by Kyle Rowe from Duke Lacrosse.  Kyle was an absolute face-off monster at Duke (for examplehttps://www.dukechronicle.com/article/2017/04/inside-kyle-rowes-dominance-at-the-faceoff-x-for-duke-mens-lacrosse-against-unc).  
  • Kyle coached our now-9th graders to an incredible season last Spring, and will be coaching both WYL and Laxachusetts this season. 
  • We are lucky to have one of the best face-off guys around help WYL improve at the center circle!  
  • Kyle will be assisted by other program coaches and players from the WHS team.
  • It does not matter what position your son plays (or thinks they play) - defensemen, attackmen and middies all are able to face-off. This clinic is open to EVERYONE.
  • If your son is at all interested - send him down.  Facing off is one of the (if not the) most important plays in lacrosse!  
  • And importantly, WYL is not going to specialize (pigeon-hole) the boys into FO specialists.  We want all of our teams to have effective options at face off.  And this is the best way to train up.